Our Aesthetic Med Spa In Hamilton, NJ Testimonials


Unfortunately, my wife and I moved to Florida and can no longer see this doctor. Him and Mary were the BEST! It is very hard to find an office like Guarino's anymore. They take you in almost immediately, they are courteous, personable, and treat you like you are their most important appointment they have. Miss this office a lot.  *Disclaimer: results may vary


The staff at DermaCosmedica are wonderful! Dr. Guarino and Michele make the laser hair removal process relaxing and enjoyable. They do a great job of walking you through the treatment as well as following up with you after the treatments are completed. I had my underarm and bikini areas treated and I cannot wait to have my legs done as well!  *Disclaimer: results may vary


I’ve been to two other laser hair removal centers, and was not fully satisfied with the results. I decided to give it one more shot, or strike out. When I first visited Dr. Guarino’s office for a consultation, I was very impressed with their professionalism, knowledge, and care. I received my first treatment that same day. After a few treatments, I noticed that most of the hair was gone. This laser hair removal was a home run! Thank you Dr. Guarino and staff!  *Disclaimer: results may vary


As an avid fisherman and outdoorsman, I had numerous sun spots on my forehead and temple. I also had broken blood vessels on my nose and cheeks. I had heard through word of mouth that Dr. Joseph Guarino had a state of the art laser therapy machine. I arranged for a consultation and after 2 sessions of laser therapy my sunspots temporarily darkened and within two weeks disappeared completely. My broken blood vessels disappeared during treatment. I am a 50 year old male and my complexion looks fantastic. Needless to say, I am extremely happy with the results and would absolutely use Dr. Guarino in the future.  *Disclaimer: results may vary


I was noticing the fine lines more and more around my eyes and on my forehead. What concerned me even more was the deepening “11’s” between my eyes, until I talked to a friend (who’s also a patient of Dr. Guarino) about Botox. She told me Botox would get rid of the lines and make me look much younger. I was amazed when she told me she had it done. She had no “11’s” and no wrinkles. I asked her a ton of questions about how it’s done and how long it lasts. She recommended I see Dr. Guarino. I took advantage of one of his specials and made the appointment. The staff was friendly and put my anxieties at ease. Dr. Guarino explained exactly what he was going to do and where. His assistant reviewed post procedure care with me at length. I was expecting to see results after a week. I began to see results in 3 days!! I have since had 2 more treatments, the last with Dysport. The result each time has been better than the last. I look younger and feel amazing!!!  *Disclaimer: results may vary


Dr. Guarino and his staff are warm, friendly, and professional. I have had Botox, Dysport, and Juvederm done; all with amazing and natural looking results. Dr. Guarino listens and takes his time to study your face and tailors his approach to suit the desired outcome of each patient. Every visit is followed up with a phone call to ensure the patient’s satisfaction. I have referred many clients and highly recommend DermaCosmedica for the professionalism, results, and prices. Unequivocally the best doctor in the area for cosmetic procedures. *Disclaimer: results may vary

Alexis C.

I had a wonderful experience with laser removal here! DermaCosmedica has a really positive atmosphere, and the equipment they used for laser was definitely less painful than any other laser hair removal I've done. The place is clean, quiet, and comfortable. That plus the prices are absolutely worth it compared to other places I've been.

Lizzy I.

Dr. Guarino is wonderful! I have had other consultations for hair removal with other doctor's in the area and he was the most knowledgeable and caring. I enjoyed the quite atmosphere and his staff is great! Other offices had no compassion and made me feel like I was just a number walking through their office. It was very scary to look into having this procedure done and I was very nervous. Dr. Guarino made me feel comfortable and confident that I was making the right decisions.  I have been very happy with my hair removal procedure and would recommend his practice to anyone.

Kathy M.

Wonderful! My first visit, the doctor and assistant were great!