Want more time with less lines? Daxxify may last up to twice as long as conventional frown treatments for some. Daxxify is the only frown line treatment powered by peptides. It’s a formulation unlike anything else. Results last an average of 6 months – and up to 9 months. Dr. Joseph Guarino provides Daxxify in Hamilton, NJ, for patients to smooth moderate to severe frown lines for smoother, younger-looking skin. This injectable treatment is the only formulation with peptide as a stabilizer for longer-lasting results.

Daxxify treatment in Hamilton, NJ

Treatment with Daxxify in Hamilton, NJ

Before Daxxify treatment, you should avoid blood thinners, muscle relaxants, Fish oil, allergy medication, Ibuprofen, sleep medications, supplements that contain Vitamin E, St. John’s Wort, aspirin, and Retin-A. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Guarino to ensure that Daxxify is the right cosmetic treatment for your needs.

Daxxify in Hamilton, NJDr. Guarino ensures that patients are comfortable during their treatment. He can ice the treated area or place a topical numbing cream before the injection. Dr. Guarino injects Daxxify into the muscle during treatment using a small needle. This treatment takes about 15 minutes. Many patients note that the injection feels like a small pinch. Like Botox and similar treatments, Daxxify is a neuromodulator affecting muscle nerve impulses. Daxxify will relax the muscles that contract to create frown lines, freezing the muscle to smooth the skin and minimize these lines.

Conventional injectables last three to four months. However, Daxxify will last four to six months. Patients may also begin to see results within a day or two of their treatment. Daxxify also requires minimal downtime, meaning patients can go about their daily lives directly after treatment. As with other injectables, we will recommend that patients gently exercise their facial muscles to help Daxxify penetrate the muscle.

Daxxify FAQs

Learn more about Daxxify with answers to commonly asked questions about this cosmetic treatment below:

Is Daxxify safe?

In a large clinical study, Daxxify was found to be safe with no side effects. 96% of patients in the study said they were satisfied with their results. Patients may feel tenderness or experience redness at the injection site, but this will typically fade after a few days. Discuss your concerns with Dr. Guarino if you are concerned about a reaction to Daxxify.

What are peptides?

Daxxify uses peptides to stabilize botulinum toxin A, the protein used in injectables like Botox. Peptides are a part of the building blocks of collagen and elastin in the skin. They can help strengthen the skin and minimize signs of aging. Unlike other injectables, Daxxify uses non-animal-derived ingredients like peptides to ensure results last.

Will Daxxify work on all skin types?

Daxxify is safe and effective on all skin types. This treatment can treat dynamic wrinkles or wrinkles formed by facial movements.

Smooth Frown Lines

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