New Year, New You

2020 has been an interesting year, to say the least. While many people like to consider the new year a fresh start, it seems especially fitting after this one. Dr. Joseph Guarino of DermaCosmedica, a med spa in Princeton, NJ, discusses some cosmetic options to transform yourself going into spa in princeton, new jersey

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Just the word resurfacing brings to mind starting over. Our powerful Cortex™ Laser Skin Resurfacing combines two types of laser energy to provide treatment both on the skin’s surface and on deeper levels. The CO2 laser is designed to pinpoint areas that have deep wrinkles, while the Erbium laser treats delicate areas that have fine lines or sun damage.

One of the benefits of the Cortex is how flexible it is. Dr. Guarino can specifically target certain problem areas that you’re looking to get taken care of. When you get this treatment, the upper layers of skin peel away, revealing younger, healthier-looking skin underneath. The laser stimulates collagen production and accelerates how fast your healing time will be.


There’s a good reason why Botox has been one of the most popular cosmetic treatment options for many years. It’s specifically designed to eliminate frown lines and crow’s feet from around the nose and eyes. It’s an injection that works by relaxing the muscles that contract and cause these wrinkles. If they aren’t able to contract, the wrinkles can’t continue to develop further.

Botox is also popular because it’s a non-invasive treatment that gives you great results. You simply get the injection, feeling a small pinch. There’s no downtime and you’re able to do all the normal activities you normally would after treatment. It gives you about three months of reduced wrinkles and a younger-looking face.


What better way to relax after a hard year than to treat yourself to a spa day? Facials both give you great results and are relaxing. It’s always nice to be pampered! We have multiple options designed to minimize aging and deep clean, getting rid of dead skin cells and other issues.

First, we offer a custom clinical facial. You’ll talk to our esthetician and they’ll also evaluate your skin, choosing the best products to get the results you want. If you want to bring your teen along for the fun, we offer a facial that’s formulated for teens. It helps take care of acne breakouts and spending too much time in the sun.

Lastly, we offer the fire and ice facial by IS Clinical. Similar to laser skin resurfacing, it’s designed to thoroughly and rapidly resurface the skin on your face. It helps to take care of both fine lines and wrinkles.

Start the New Year at Your Princeton, New Jersey Med Spa

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