Cosmetic Treatments for Fall and Winter

Cosmetic procedures can have some seasonal specifics. With the holiday season just around the corner, you want to make sure you’re photo-ready. Dr. Joseph Guarino of DermaCosmetica, a Princeton, NJ med spa, offers suggestions for procedures this season.princeton, new jersey med spa

Laser Skin Resurfacing

If you were out in the sun a lot this summer, you can have sun damage to the skin. Laser skin resurfacing helps you get smooth, even skin in time for the holidays. At DermaCosmedica, we offer laser skin resurfacing from Cortex™, one of the most advanced systems available. It combines CO2 and Erbium lasers to treat both deep wrinkles and delicate areas that have experienced sun damage or fine lines.

With this technology, Dr. Guarino is able to precisely customize your treatment to make sure it’s right for you. The fractional laser treats your skin in a grid pattern instead of all at once. Microlaser spots are surrounded by untreated tissue to make your healing time faster and stimulate natural collagen production.

The upper layers of your skin peel away with this treatment, unveiling a new layer that’s free of sun damage and other blemishes. The collagen production stimulated by the laser treatment will help to fill in the deep lines and wrinkles in your skin.

Botox and Dermal Fillers

With both Botox and dermal fillers, you see full results after a week or two and they last for months to come. Getting a touch-up now allows you to be looking your best throughout the entire holiday season. We offer a variety of dermal fillers. As with any cosmetic procedure, you’ll have a consultation with the doctor to proceed with a treatment plan that’s custom to your needs.

Botox is specifically designed to treat frown lines. These are the wrinkles that develop around your eyes, nose, and between your eyebrows. Frown lines are caused by the muscles in those areas repeatedly contracting. Botox works by temporarily paralyzing these muscles, allowing your skin to stay smooth.

We offer Dysport, Restylane, and Sculptra Aesthetic as dermal fillers. Each one of them has its own specifics and advantages. If there’s one in particular that interests you, Dr. Guarino can determine if it’s a good fit. He can also make specific recommendations based on your medical history and goals.

Dermal fillers work by returning lost volume to your face. As we age, volume is lost and collagen production lessens. This causes the skin in the face to sag and wrinkle as gravity takes over and your skin becomes looser. Fillers stimulate collagen production and give you back the youthful vitality of your skin.

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