Photo Rejuvenation Treatment 

If you want a cosmetic treatment that can correct skin conditions and fight the signs of aging, you should consider photo rejuvenation treatment. Photo rejuvenation uses minimally invasive technology to alter your skin texture. In a few sessions, you can clear your skin of issues that have been bothering you for years. Additionally, it can remove the harmful effects of aging and sun damage. 

Using lasers, photo rejuvenation can treat certain skin conditions and minimize or eliminate photoaging damage. Photoaging is a name for damage to the skin due to the sun. Other names for this issue include photodamage or solar damage. When you spend time in the sun without a proper SPF, you can receive skin damage. Over a lifetime, the damage can be visible on your skin. However, there are treatments that can minimize and reverse the process. 

brunette woman getting hair removing on face photo rejuvenation treatment medical spa Hamilton New Jersey

How It Works

Photo rejuvenation treatments use lasers or an intense pulsed light (IPL) to remove the effects of photoaging, which includes wrinkles, sun spots, and damaged textures. These lasers create controlled wounds in the skin. When your licensed professional uses these tools, they will target certain areas of your skin that contain unwanted colors. This heats up the skin and gets rid of unwanted cells. As a result, your skin will heal and create new cells. 

This process can treat a variety of skin conditions. For example, damage from the sun can cause fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, or uneven skin texture. With photo rejuvenation treatment, you can undo the sun damage and improve your skin texture without surgery. 

Additionally, photo rejuvenation can treat acne or acne scars, redness from rosacea, and liver or age spots. This treatment can also get rid of freckles, unwanted hair, spider veins, and broken blood vessels. If you have a birthmark or stretch marks that you want to get rid of, you can use photo rejuvenation treatments. 

While you can use photo rejuvenation on your face, you can also use this treatment on your hands, chest, arms, legs, and back. So essentially, this treatment is useful for any part of your body.

When to Avoid

You shouldn’t use photo rejuvenation if you have recently spent a lot of time in the sun, in a tanning bed, or have used a tanning cream. This can cause sensitivity to the skin and increase your risk of complications during the procedure. Additionally, you shouldn’t use photo rejuvenation if you currently use a retinoid cream or serum. Retinoids increase the sensitivity of your skin to light. 

You may not be a candidate for photo rejuvenation if you have severe scarring or very dark skin. The lasers or IPL are not as effective on dark skin. If you use photo rejuvenation for hair removal, it is better if you have lighter skin and darker hair. If your hair is blonde, you will likely not see any benefits from this treatment. 

In just a few sessions, you may see up to 70% fewer brown spots or redness caused by UV ray damage.