Is IPL Hair Removal Safe for Your Skin?

There are so many different facials and hair removal products on the market. Your news and social media feeds can be overwhelmed with them. The sheer number of options can make it challenging to narrow down what you want to select. If you are interested in a treatment that can provide more than one service, you should consider IPL treatment therapy

If you have lighter skin and dark hair, you may be weighing hair removal options. IPL therapy can remove hair as well as treat skin texture and scarring issues. IPL uses light to destroy skin imperfections and hair follicles. Many people will have the same idea or concern. Is IPL safe for my skin? The answer is absolutely. If you go to a trained technician, IPL treatment is safe and effective for many problems. Smooth hair-less legs on white background IPL hair removal medspa Hamilton New Jersey

What is IPL?

Intense pulsed light (or IPL) is a type of therapy that can improve the texture and color of your skin. If you have visible sun damage, perhaps you should look into IPL. Prolonged exposure to the sun can leave behind noticeable signs of aging. These signs can include brown spots—called liver or sun spots. IPL can fix many skin texture issues, such as uneven skin tone or redness. Additionally, you can use it to remove unwanted hair. 

How Does IPL Work?

The light energy in IPL targets and removes the pre-identified color in your skin that you wish to remove. IPL is suitable for people with lighter skin tones because it may cause unwanted color alteration. IPL will remove darker tones from the skin. So, if your skin is darker, it will alter the entire area rather than just a targeted spot. 

As the light heats the skin, the body will remove the targeted cells. For hair removal, the light will heat the hair follicle, destroying it. The pigment in your hair will absorb the light, much like a dark shirt on a hot day. This heat will cause the hair to fall out. The regrowth of the hair will be slowed as well. 

You can use IPL for a variety of conditions and treatments. Along with sun damage and hair removal, IPL can treat acne scars or stretch marks. Additionally, IPL is a standard treatment for natural signs of aging, like fine lines or wrinkles. Other skin issues, such as redness from rosacea, are appropriate for IPL treatment therapy

Is It Safe?

IPL is a safe and effective treatment, especially when it is done by a trained professional. With any type of treatment or procedure, there are risks and side effects. 

It is possible for hormonal brown spots to flare up or get worse with IPL treatment. Additionally, you can experience swelling or bleeding in the treatment area. While it is rare, you can get some scarring or an infection. If you have any of these side effects, you should contact your dermatologist. 

Typically, IPL is a safe treatment that will give you the looks or results that you desire. Furthermore, IPL can even your skin tone and give you a younger-looking appearance