Hair Removal Before Your Big Event

With the change of the seasons, many people are planning large events to coincide with milder, more pleasant weather. Warmer temperatures may mean more skin is exposed to the public. If you have unwanted body hair, you might be searching for ways to remove it before a planned event. Dr. Joseph Guarino, a cosmetic specialist in Hamilton, NJ, describes points to consider before receiving a hair removal treatment before a large removal hamilton nj

Feel smooth instantly

Intense Pulse Light treatment, often shortened to IPL, can be the hair removal solution you are looking for before your event. Using concentrated light, your doctor can heat and destroy hair follicles to reduce hair on various parts of your body. This means that you can see results immediately after your procedure. You will not need to schedule downtime and you can return to your regular activities after this treatment. You may notice mild sunburn for a few days after the treatment, but you will not have to worry about unwanted body hair.

Schedule with a plan

If you are prepping your appearance for a particular event, you will want to schedule your procedure with this specific date in mind. You may notice immediate hair removal effects after your procedure, but there may be mild side effects such as sunburn for two or three days. You should also avoid exposure of the treated area to the sun for 48 hours after your procedure, which is important to keep in mind if the planned event is outdoors.

Your doctor will ask you to avoid using antiperspirant for two or three days if your underarms have been treated with IPL. For permanent hair removal, you may require four to six sessions that occur every other week. You can ask your doctor how IPL hair removal can factor into your preparation schedule.

Treat your skin

Your doctor will provide you with an aftercare plan after your IPL hair removal treatment, but it is important to prepare your skin ahead of your appointment too. If you are enhancing your appearance prior to a big event, you may be tanning or sunbathing. Your doctor will ask you not to do this before your IPL treatment. This can affect your preparation schedule leading up to your event, so it is important to keep these recommendations in mind.

To keep skin looking its best directly after your treatment, you can use unscented lotion or a cold compress. This will moisturize your skin without irritating it after the procedure and soothe any lingering soreness.

Schedule a hair removal appointment in Hamilton, NJ

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