How Can Facial Treatments Help My Skin?

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Everyone has different reasons for getting a facial, and there are a variety of facial treatments available that offer their own results. Whether you’re looking to treat acne scars, prevent signs of aging, improve hyperpigmentation, or just promote youthful skin, there are many treatment options available to you.

DermaCosmedica is a Hamilton, NJ med spa offering confidence-boosting and health-centered facial treatments. We offer exclusive, science-backed treatments to deliver the results you’re looking for. Here are our top 3 reasons why a facial can benefit your health and appearance.

Prevent Signs of Aging and Even Skin Tone

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to reduce fine lines or achieve a more youthful appearance. Signs of aging are the signs of a well-lived life, but a facial treatment can help reduce wrinkles without dramatic treatment. The exfoliation step in a facial can help reduce wrinkles by removing residual dead skin that builds up inside and around wrinkles, making them appear more pronounced. Removing extra skin can help make the skin appear smoother and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Some facials also use topical creams to stimulate collagen, which helps the skin appear fuller and more plump without the need for injectable fillers. There are also topical treatments available that help reverse the signs of aging.

Improve Circulation

Even people without specific skin care concerns can benefit from a facial treatment. During a facial, the esthetician will use light massage techniques to relax you and increase circulation in the face. Improved circulation carries more nutrients and oxygen to skin cells, which offers health benefits in addition to improving appearance.

Treat Acne or Acne Scars

If you have residual acne scars or deal with adult acne, facials can reduce the appearance of scars or blemishes. Pimples and blackheads develop due to oil buildup in hair follicles, but can also develop from hormonal changes or bacteria. Our customized facials combine topical treatments, masks, and steam baths to fight acne and reduce the appearance of scars. Facials can clear pores and regulate oil production to prevent blemishes from forming in the first place.To schedule your custom DermaCosmedica facial, schedule an appointment online or call (609) 389-9671 today!