Get Rid of Wrinkles with Dysport

Do you want a solution for fine lines and wrinkles?

Dysport may be the right solution for you. Dysport is an injection that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Dysport is traditionally injected between the eyebrows. Unlike Botox, Dysport will not change the appearance of your face or hinder the natural movement of your face. The muscles that do not receive the Dysport injection will not be affected, so you will be able to move the rest of your face normally.

Dysport is administered by Dr. Joseph Guarino, a board-certified physician, in our Hamilton, NJ med spa.

What To Expect

During your consultation, Dr. Guarino will determine if Dysport is right for you. If Dysport is right for you, Dr. Guarino will explain the details of your treatment plan. Typically, Dysport treatment will take anywhere from 15-20 minutes in our Hamilton Med Spa. Dysport usually lasts up to 4 months and patients can expect to see results in 2-3 days. Dysport requires little to no downtime so patients can continue on with their day after treatment.

Dysport may not be the right solution for you, but we do offer a wide range of services that can address your needs. Dr. Guarino will work with you to help you achieve your desired look. We take the time to plan a treatment that is effective and safe. To see if Dysport is right for you, you can contact Derma Cosmedica in Hamilton, NJ. Patients can call our Hamilton med spa to schedule a consultation or schedule a consultation online.