Photo Rejuvenation For Sun Damaged Skin

Photo Rejuvenation For Sun Damaged Skin in Hamilton NJ

Even though you’ve been hiding behind hats and under umbrellas this summer odds are you’ve been exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. Sun exposure can contribute greatly to  premature aging in the form of sun spots, fine lines and wrinkles.


DermaCosmedica in Trenton, NJ offers Photo Rejuvenation to help correct and reverse the signs of premature aging. Facial and photo rejuvenation is possible with a Broadband Photo facial light, also known as BBL (for Broadband light). These treatments are often performed on the chest, shoulders, neck, face, and backs of the hands where the greatest amount of sun exposure commonly occurs.


These treatments are not invasive in any way, but they do treat a variety of cosmetic skin concerns. In addition to sun damage, BBL Treatments can also effectively treat acne and acne scars, other scars, small fine lines and wrinkles, small veins in the facial area, and rosacea.


The procedure itself works by heating up the layers of the skin, leading to an increase in collagen production. The increased amount of collagen helps to leave the skin smoother and firmer, giving it a younger look and reducing the signs of aging and damage.


Depending on the size of the area that is being treated, facial and photo rejuvenation can take just a couple of minutes, or full half-hour. In order to achieve the results desired, more than one treatment is usually needed, but often the target results can be enjoyed in two to four treatments.


Those who need photo facial in Trenton, NJ or photo rejuvenation in Hamilton can find that youthful, healthy-looking skin is within their reach!