Botox Treatment at DermaCosmedica

Dr. Guarino and his staff at DermaCosmedica strive to help you achieve the best version of yourself.  They help patients get results that accentuate and improve their natural beauty in the comforts of a relaxed day spa environment. Many DermaCosmedica clients seek a gentle and effective way to refresh and refine their look. Botox® is an FDA approved cosmetic treatment that has been shown to be effective for the temporary treatment of fine lines and wrinkles. Botox®, when properly administered, can take years off a patients appearance.

About Botox®

Dr. Guarino offers natural and effective results using regular Botox® injections to reduce the appearance of aging skin. Most patients enjoy the benefits of a Botox treatment for up to four months. Botox® works by paralyzing the muscles that create wrinkles. By preventing movement of the muscles, skin appears firmer, smoother and younger. Patients enjoy almost immediate results after injections. Patients typically experience little to no discomfort and downtimes are minimal, with most patients returning to their daily routines right after their injections.

Why Botox®?

Looking and feeling your best can be good for you, physically, mentally and emotionally. Botox® can help improve your self-confidence and make you feel more in control of your aging process. With improved and highly skilled techniques, Dr. Guarino can administer Botox® for highly natural and beautiful results without a frozen or stiff look.

Choosing DermaCosmedica for Botox®

Botox® treatments at DermaCosmedica are administered by Dr.Guarino and are tailored to each individual.  Dr. Guarino and his staff complete an initial consultation to understand each patient's goals and needs. DermaCosmedica offers expert treatment and competitive pricing to Trenton and Hamilton, NJ Botox® patients.  

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Photo Rejuvenation For Sun Damaged Skin

Even though you've been hiding behind hats and under umbrellas this summer odds are you've been exposed to the sun's harmful rays. Sun exposure can contribute greatly to  premature aging in the form of sun spots, fine lines and wrinkles.   DermaCosmedica in Trenton, NJ offers Photo Rejuvenation to help correct and reverse the signs of premature aging. Facial and photo rejuvenation is possible with a Broadband Photo facial light, also known as BBL (for Broadband light). These treatments are often performed on the chest, shoulders, neck, face, and backs of the hands where the greatest amount of sun exposure commonly occurs.   These treatments are not invasive in any way, but they do treat a variety of cosmetic skin concerns. In addition to sun damage, BBL Treatments can also effectively treat acne and acne scars, other scars, small fine lines and wrinkles, small veins in the facial area, and rosacea.   The procedure itself works by heating up the layers of the skin, leading to an increase in collagen production. The increased amount of collagen helps to leave the skin smoother and firmer, giving it a younger look and reducing the signs of aging and damage.   Depending on the size of the area that is being treated, facial and photo rejuvenation can take just a couple of minutes, or full half-hour. In order to achieve the results desired, more than one treatment is usually needed, but often the target results can be enjoyed in two to four treatments.   Those who need photo facial in Trenton, NJ or photo rejuvenation in Hamilton can find that youthful, healthy-looking skin is within their reach!       SaveSave SaveSaveSaveSave SaveSaveSaveSave

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Med Spa Services at DermaCosmedica

beautiful smiling woman in spa salon DermaCosmedica of Hamilton, NJ offers Medical Spa treatments for a range of skin conditions. We offer a relaxing day spa environment for non-invasive, gentle cosmetic procedures. Patients can take comfort in knowing that they are under the treatment of an experienced physician and friendly, knowledgable staff when they visit DermaCosmedica.

Medical Spa Treatments

Your treatment plan will be uniquely tailored to your cosmetic needs and goals. DR. Guarino and our esthetician will help you select the medical spa treatments that are right for you.
  • Microdermabrasion: Microdermabrasion removes dead skin cells and debris with an abrasion wand and light vacuum suction. Excellent for most skin types.
  • Dermaplaning: Dermaplaning removes dead skin by shaving it off with a sterile medical blade. Dermaplaning also rids the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz). Excellent for most skin types, including sensitive skin.
  • Chemical Peels: We offer a wide variety of chemical peels that vary in intensity. Our peels are designed to treat a wide range of problematic skin conditions, such as fine lines and wrinkles, melasma (mask of pregnancy), uneven skin tone, age spots, sun damage, acne and acne scarring.
  • Medical Grade Skin Care: Medical grade skin care products offer potent, scientifically tested ingredients proven to deliver noticeable results.

Meet Our Hamilton, NJ Aesthetician

Michelle Mahoney, LE. is our lead medical aesthetician. Michelle is is a compassionate and highly trained aesthetician who is clinically trained and certified to diagnose and treat a range of medical skin conditions. Michelle provides each patient with personalized treatment plans to address any medical concerns as well as to meet their cosmetic goals. To learn more about how medical spa treatments can improve the appearance of your skin, or what other cosmetic treatments may be able to rejuvenate your look, contact DermaCosmedica.

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Look & Feel Your Best This Summer!

Portrait Of Beautiful Bride Summer is here and so are the graduation parties, weddings, beach days, and backyard barbecues. DermaCosmedica wants to help you look and feel your best all season long.

Sensational Summer Savings From DermaCosmedica

If it's lashes you love then Latisse will give you the fullness and length you desire.  And, for the month of June DermaCosmedica is offering Latisse at $145 for 3ml (the recommended treatment for full results). A $20 savings! Or try the newest Restylane products...Restylane Refyne or Restylane Defyne at $100 off . (standard price is $700) And experience the results of natural looking beauty of these two new fillers used to treat laugh lines. Do you want to improve the look of the wrinkles between your eyebrows?  Dysport injectable may be the right choice for you. It has proven results in helping to smooth the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines while maintaining a natural look to the restive your face. And for the month of June enjoy our Dysport Special- purchase one syringe of any filler and receive an area of Dysport for free ($180 value)! An "area" includes forehead, the glabella (area between the eyebrows) or crow's feet area.

New to DermaCosmedica?

Dr. Guarino will evaluate your skin and medical condition during a consultation and determine if your desired treatment is right for you. In addition to some fantastic summer savings DermaCosmedica offers Trenton area patients a tranquil, relaxing environment to be pampered in by our experienced Med Spa staff.  Hurry and schedule your appointment for one or more of these services before June ends!      

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Have a Sun-Safe Summer!

Happy Young Woman At Beach With Orange Hat Applying Suntan Lotion Sunscreen. Don't leave home without it.   In fact, wear it every day regardless of whether it's summer or not. As the days grow longer and the air warmer, be sure your skin is well protected. May is skin cancer awareness month so Dr. Guarino wants remind all of his patients that sun damage is the leading cause of wrinkles and fine lines, and it causes skin cancer. It is important to protect your skin for your health and well-being. Extended sun exposure is a known health risk.

Protect Your Skin

There are many ways to enjoy the sun while keeping your skin protected. Dr. Guarino recommends wearing sunscreen on exposed skin every day of the year. Many moisturizers contain sunscreen and can help keep your skin from becoming damaged. If you are going to be spending an extended amount of time in the sun during the warmer months be sure to use a higher SPF sunscreen for maximum protection. Wearing a large brimmed hat while outdoors can help keep the sun off of your sensitive facial skin that is most susceptible to sun damage. Our DermaCosmedica Med Spa in Trenton, NJ offers professional skin care products to protect and moisturize skin.  Our Licensed Esthetician can help you find the best skin care products for your needs. If your skin is already experiencing sun damage Dr. Guarino can create a customized treatment plan including photo rejuvenation to help restore sun damaged skin.  Schedule a consultation at DermaCosmedica today and don't forget to wear your sunscreen!


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Love Your Lashes Again With Latisse®!

Did you know that according to studies, by age fifty women have 50 percent less eyelashes than at age twenty five?!  Yes, age can also reek havoc on your lashes.  Just like the rest of your face, time can take an unflattering toll on your eyelashes.  Luckily, there's an anti-aging product for that-- Latisse®. Solutions For Thin,  Short, or No Eyelashes LATISSE_00_shannonToday's trend in lash length is LONG.  Mascaras and extensions can give you the illusion of luscious lashes but they are often difficult and messy to apply.  Not to mention, these options can be just as hard to remove. Latisse® is an effective FDA approved treatment for growing thicker, longer, and darker lashes. It is a topical serum prescribed by a doctor to ensure proper treatment and usage.   How Does Latisse®Work? Latisse® makes lash growth possible because of its active ingredient, bimatoprost. Research suggests bimatoprost prolongs the growth phase of lashes, which allows lashes to grow longer, thicker and darker. When using the Latisse® solution as directed, it will increase the percentage of hairs in the active growth phase, as well as make the active growth phase longer.  It is applied once a day to the base of your upper eyelashes. Results can be seen over time.  Gradual growth may appear early on, but Latisse® must be used daily for maximum results over a 16 week period.  At the end of this time you can talk to your doctor about continued use. Turn back the clock on your lashes.  Schedule an appointment at DermaCosmedica to find out if Latisse® is right for you.      

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Get Ready For Summer With IPL Hair Removal

Woman coming out of swimming pool Removing unwanted hair can become quite tedious. Shaving is the fastest way to remove unwanted hair, but the results only last one or two days. Shaving can also leave behind unwanted stubble and razor bumps. Waxing can last up to eight weeks, but it can be very painful. It can also irritate the skin. IPL professional hair removal is a method that can permanently reduce hair growth. It can be used on the chest, face, legs, arms, stomach, thighs and bikini line. Most people only require between four and six treatments before they see the results. What are the benefits of IPL hair removal?
  • IPL hair removal works well for most skin tones
  • It is more precise than shaving or waxing
  • It destroys the hair follicle for permanent hair reduction
  • It can save you money in the long run by cutting out waxing treatments and shaving supplies
  • It is safe, effective and FDA approved.
There is minimal preparation needed for IPL hair removal. Patients should make sure that they limit sun exposure for at least six weeks before their treatment. Sun exposure decreases the efficacy of laser hair removal, and it also increases the likelihood of complications. The amount of time that IPL hair removal takes can vary, depending on the area of the body that is being treated. Small areas of the body, such as the chin or upper lip, can be treated in less time. It may take up to an hour to treat large areas of the body, such as the legs or back. To get permanent hair reduction before swimsuit season contact DermaCosmedica in Hamilton, NJ.  Dr. Guarino and his staff will review the IPL process with you prior to treatment.  Your IPL sessions are recommended to be scheduled every 2 weeks or up to once a month.  Schedule your consultation and receive a personal treatment plan today...609.389.9671.

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New! Restylane® Refyne & Restylane® Defyne at DermaCosmedica

Portrait of middle aged smile woman with short blond hair looking to camera. DermaCosmedica has been helping the men and women of Hamilton, NJ look and feel their best by providing the latest anti-aging and cosmetic treatments.   They are now pleased to welcome two new dermal fillers--Restylane® Refyne & Restylane® Defyne to their facial rejuvenation treatments. A common concern of the aging face is loss of volume. Restylane® is a family of dermal fillers that can help restore volume and decrease the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and even deep folds around the face. Restylane® Silk is an FDA- approved treatment for lip enhancement targeted to boost collagen in the lips and produce fuller lip volume and decreased wrinkles around the mouth. Restylane® Refyne & Restylane® Defyne were recently introduced to the Restylane® family of hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers and is focused to "help maintain natural expression in motion."  With this new technology laugh lines are softened while allowing the face to make natural expressions with comfort and ease. Restylane® Refyne focuses on smoothing mild to moderate lines while Restylane® Defyne works to smooth your deeper wrinkles. DermaCosmedica looks forward to offering these two new products from Restylane® in the coming weeks!  Be ready to address signs of aging and regain natural-looking beauty this spring!  Call to schedule your consultation with Dr. Guarino for an individualized treatment plan.      

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DermaCosmedica Can Treat Your Winter Skin Blues

beauty girl on the winter background Winter weather has only just begun and you're already feeling its full effects on your skin.  Harsh winter weather can leave skin feeling dry, dull, and dehydrated.  Pamper your winter ravaged skin and restore it to its natural state with therapeutic treatments at DermaCosmedica. DermaCosmedica offers non-invasive rejuvenating treatment for winter skin. Microdermabrasion Microdermabrasion is a treatment that exfoliates the top layer of skin, removing dead skin cells and debris with an abrasion wand and light vacuum suction. With no downtime or discomfort, you are left with softer and brighter looking skin. Chemical Peel Chemical Peels exfoliate the top layer of skin cells revealing a brighter, smoother complexion, allowing your skin care products to work more effectively.  At DermaCosmedica, we offer a variety of chemical peels to suit your skin's needs, goals and lifestyle. A series of peels are recommended to address a range of skin imperfections. Both microdermabrasion and chemical peels can be used in conjunction with other skin rejuvenating treatments for optimal results.  Dr. Guarino will meet with you first to discuss your goals and create an individualized treatment plan. Facial Services Relax with one of DermaCosmedica's skin facials that address your skin concerns. We offer a variety of facials to cleanse, exfoliate, and cleanse all skin types. Follow up any of these treatments with professional, medical grade skin care products available at DermaCosmedica, for a healthy, nourished complexion that has you looking your best.    

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DermaCosmedica For Your Cosmetic Needs in 2017

beautiful woman wearing earrings over lights Are you ready to refresh your appearance and put your best face forward in 2017? DermaCosmedica in Hamilton, New Jersey can help you achieve your goals for a new improved you in the new year. Fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin are a fact of life.  Luckily, there are cosmetic treatments to help you get younger, healthier looking skin. DermaCosmedica is an advanced aesthetic medical spa founded by Dr. Joseph Guarino.  Dr. Guarino is a board-certified physician with over 17 years of experience of helping his patients look and feel better. Procedures offered at DermaCosmedica are non-invasive and gentle treatments that require little to no downtime.  Take comfort in knowing you are in the care of a board certified physician who will take the necessary time to discuss your goals and help you choose the right treatment plan. DermaCosmedica offers patients from Trenton, Princeton and Hamilton, NJ the following services...
  • Botox® Cosmetic
  • Restylane®
  • Hair Removal
  • Skin Tightening
  • Photo Rejuvenation
  • Day Spa Services
Schedule a consultation at DermaCosmedica in Hamilton, NJ to refresh, and renew with spa treatments or to reverse the signs of aging with a recommended cosmetic treatment. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on DermaCosmedica's services and specials.  

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